Chasma Quale reduces your overall cost and eliminates the tedium of manual testing in your SumTotal deployment, updates, and upgrades. Start with our library of 3,900+ SumTotal scripts and you can also add your custom scripts to the pool. 

  • Eliminate repetitive manual testing to reduce your labor costs and reduce the risk of human error. 
  • Let Quale do the tedious work so you can focus on critical, high-value testing and strategy.
  • Automate thorough testing of every business process to eliminate the risk of failed audits and data exposure. 
  • Consistent results reduce the risk of human error. 

Reduce your administrative overhead. Run automated tests overnight and receive reports that let you know precisely what you need to work on the next day. Quale documents every test and records the result to provide complete documentation. Your stakeholders will appreciate the thoroughness of your documentation and the consistency of your testing processes. 

Build trust in your service delivery: use Quale to make sure your glitches get fixed before you launch

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About Chasma: 

Chasma Place is an independent, concept-driven marketplace designed to enhance the overall value and maximize ROI from your human capital technology without ripping out and replacing your existing platforms. Our solutions enable you to change the way your people work without expensive implementations, customizations, or changes to your technology platforms. 

  • Chasma Apps: Sleek, modern solutions that plug into your existing enterprise platforms or stand alone as independent applications. 
  • Chasma Analytics: Pre-configured dashboards and data models for HCM suites and Analytics platforms that provide real-time business intelligence for better and faster decision-making. Go from raw data to visualization in days, not weeks or months. 
  • Chasma Connect: Integrate your enterprise HR systems and improve your data quality and workflow with 100+ ready-to-deploy connectors, prebuilt for different HR Platforms. 

We are on a mission to address the technology needs of HR in shorter and faster cycles and maximize your potential, so you can reduce your administrative overhead in technology and focus on strategy. Your technology should not call the tune for you to dance; it should dance to the music in your critical processes.

To learn more about this app, please reach out to:

Chasma Support Team - https://chasma.io/contactus
+1 (855) 978-6816
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