Chasma HRBox aggregates your HR data or any API data source into a powerful analytical engine without a major implementation roadmap. Plug in our pre-configured templates or use our drag-and-drop dashboard framework to create visualizations that deliver KPI’s and Metrics across all your HR Technology landscape with ease.

Easily connect to any of your HR applications or data sources to bring all your people data into one secure, transparent database, then point and click your way to holistic insights with the data across your systems. Create personalized dashboards for all the roles in your organization. Share dashboards with anyone in your organization. Keep managers and business leaders informed of metrics relevant to them. 

  • Complete library of pre-configured templates. 
  • No programming skills required to create deep insights into your HR data. 
  • Drag-and-drop customization in a visual framework.
  • Create a unified HR dashboard for a holistic view of your workforce. 
  • Create security groups to control sensitive data. 
  • One-click dashboard sharing.

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About Chasma: 

Chasma Place is an independent, concept-driven marketplace designed to enhance the overall value and maximize ROI from your human capital technology without ripping out and replacing your existing platforms. Our solutions enable you to change the way your people work without expensive implementations, customizations, or changes to your technology platforms. 

  • Chasma Apps: Sleek, modern solutions that plug into your existing enterprise platforms or stand alone as independent applications. 
  • Chasma Analytics: Pre-configured dashboards and data models for HCM suites and Analytics platforms that provide real-time business intelligence for better and faster decision-making. Go from raw data to visualization in days, not weeks or months. 
  • Chasma Connect: Integrate your enterprise HR systems and improve your data quality and workflow with 100+ ready-to-deploy connectors, prebuilt for different HR Platforms. 

We are on a mission to address the technology needs of HR in shorter and faster cycles and maximize your potential, so you can reduce your administrative overhead in technology and focus on strategy. Your technology should not call the tune for you to dance; it should dance to the music in your critical processes.

To learn more about this app, please reach out to:

Chasma Support Team - https://chasma.io/contactus
+1 (855) 978-6816
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