World-class training and development programs. Developed by top universities and companies. All on Coursera for Business.

In a world where the skills landscape is constantly evolving, Coursera for Business provides the enterprise-grade solutions your company needs to stay agile, innovative, and competitive. Plan your skills roadmap with data insights and trends from over 79 million learners from 7,000 companies. Build and maintain future-forward capabilities from digital transformation to data science with programs from leading universities and companies. And drive skill mastery through an engaging, hands-on learning experience that learners love.

Our business solutions offer:

— Expert teaching from leading universities and companies

— Skill mastery via expert instruction & hands-on projects

— Data-driven insights to help

To learn more about this, please reach out to:

SumTotal Marketplace Team

Yes, continue with the same steps to integrate Coursera for Business for additional environments. The Install button enables you to add a new environment or install the app for any previously available environment. The Purchase History button shows details of all your purchases.

Yes, select the check box if you are an EMEA (Europe, The Middle East, and Africa) region customer.

Please ensure you have the Can Configure System > Content Integration Settings LM security permission enabled for the administrator role to request installation and configure Coursera for Business.

Please reach out to SumTotal Marketplace Admin Team -

The entire process would take less than 3 minutes. Once an entry is created in the Environment (Stage/Production), please refer the Setup guide to complete the configuration, schedule Sync and SSO.

Please decide the Domain in which you would like to Integrate Coursera for Business. In case you are planning to integrate in a new domain, please create the domain before initiating the integration. Ensure that you are in the required domain to configure the settings. An entry is created in all available domain content integrations page in LMS. Based on your business requirement, decide the domain in which you would like to configure the settings. It is also a good idea to set up your Coursera for Business sync in a separate, unique domain, so the imported activities have their own space distinct from other activities.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like any additional information about this integration solution. If you need technical support with this app, please reach out to Customer Support at

Our APIs will update every 24 - 72 hours in the morning. This means that if a user completes a course, there will be a delay before this completion is represented within SumTotal. The certificate will be available for the learner on Coursera as soon as they complete it. At the moment, introducing native xAPI is not on our product roadmap.

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