Managers,  coaches and mentors, peers, or any user creating a 1-1 Journal can choose to leverage MS Teams for their meetings
When selected, users can launch their Microsoft Teams meeting by using the Meet Now button
Users can open Microsoft Teams from their browser or their local device's Teams application
Integrate Continuous Feedback with Microsoft Teams using Microsoft's Graph APIs

Microsoft Teams - Continuous Feedback 1:1 Journals

Streamline your users' development meetings by using Microsoft Teams to automate their virtual meeting experiences.

Continuous Feedback's 1:1 Journal functionality provides a shared space for two users to add threaded entries that focus on a user's development, a specific project, 1:1 meeting notes with a manager, notes from a coaching or mentoring relationship, or any other type of relationship between two users that focus on feedback and development.

Each 1:1 Journal can include a Meet Now button that users can use to launch the virtual meeting of their choice based on a meeting URL.

This Microsoft Graph integration automates the creation and launch of meetings: when a 1:1 Journal is created, it automatically creates an associated ad-hoc Microsoft Teams meeting. Either user in the 1:1 Journal can open that meeting from the 1:1 Journal's Meet Now button, or from Microsoft Teams itself.

The SumTotal Suite supports this integration similar to the Microsoft Teams / VILT integration - using an app your Azure Active Directory. Continuous Feedback can be connected to the same app and permission structure, or a separate app to support separate user permissions.

To learn more about this, please reach out to:

SumTotal Marketplace Team

Continuous Feedback uses the Microsoft Graph API set to securely connect to Microsoft's Teams functionality.

SumTotal Learning Management can use Microsoft Teams as a VILT platform, and SumTotal Recruiting integrates with Microsoft Outlook to power smart interview scheduling and candidate communication tracking. Along with Continuous Feedback, these integrations all have their own configuration page. They can use the same set of integration credentials and connect to the same Azure AD app, can be connected to different apps within the same Azure AD, or separate Azure accounts as needed.

1:1 Journals can create ad-hoc meetings. While 1:1 Journal can have a reminder schedule set, meeting scheduling / calendar integration is not yet supported.

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