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With a library of more than 30,000 courses, OpenSesame offers the world’s most comprehensive elearning catalog. Content from expert publishers is available in a variety of formats and languages, and is routinely updated to provide the best information possible across a broad range of categories and industries.

But more than just a content provider, OpenSesame is your elearning partner and advisor. They are a strategic addition to your team, providing hands-on curation that ensures the right courses are going to the right learners, and helping you reach your desired business outcomes. From aligning courses with core competencies, syncing content with your LMS, to increasing training completion, OpenSesame is here to help at every turn.

OpenSesame supports:

 Content deployment to SumTotal LMS. Catalog support for browsing OpenSesame for content and Content Launch and Completion to SumTotal LMS. 

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To learn more about this, please reach out to:

SumTotal Marketplace Team

You must have an active SumTotal Learn license and OpenSesame content licenses for your organization.
This integration requires following configuration and setup
  • SSO
  • xAPI
Please read the installation guide to read more about this.

Below, you can find a installation guide for SumTotal - OpenSesame Content Integration.
Note: Please use your SumTotal Connect credentials to access Documentation.
Please reach out to your SumTotal Customer Success Manager if you would like any additional information about this integration solution. If you need technical support with this app, please reach out to Customer Support at
Available Files
SumTotal Marketplace - Self-provisioning Workflow - OpenSesame.pdf
Online Guides
SumTotal-OpenSesame Content Integration Setup Guide
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