SIA on MS Teams app – This is a snipping of how the app appears on MS Teams
This is the share to group chat or one on one chat, where the learner can search for an activity and share it
SIA MS Teams returns search results based on learner searched keyword
Snipping of a notification on SIA of a course assigned to a learner
SIA for Teams provides knowledge sharing, learning content, and upskilling in an integrated learner experience right inside Microsoft Teams making this accessible all in the flow of your work.
With SIA you get to experience a variety of engaging learning content which is supported by the powerful SumTotal Learning Management Experience Platform.
Discover and Learn:
With SIAs intelligent AI you can search and register or begin training just-in-time by leveraging the chat functionality. Type in the keyword and launch an activity from the returned results.
Share and Collaborate:
Knowledge sharing and collaborating with peers has never been easier. Click the SIA icon pinned at the bottom of a chat window to search for activity and include a link to it in the chat with your peers.
Track Your Progress:
Use the My Learning tab to view activity details like your current, upcoming, assigned, overdue activities, and many more. This tab will help you track and manage your activities. 
Receive real-time notifications in MS Teams once an activity is successfully assigned, registered, and completed.
SIA MS Teams is now SSO certified 
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Overview Video: SIA for MS Teams:

To learn more about this, please reach out to:

SumTotal Marketplace Team

You should refer to the SumTotal Learning Management Administrator Guide, there is a dedicated section called ‘Integrate SIA with Microsoft Teams’. This contains the details of the setup in Teams and for SumTotal. This includes all the permission levels that will be required.  

We can turn-off notifications in SIA Microsoft Teams Settings (in Web App – Admin Page). We cannot turn-off per activity, however, we can turn ON/OFF the notifications for ‘Assigned’, ‘Registered’, and ‘Completed’ activities.

SSO works similarly as Web Application.

Yes, in My Learning tab, the Percipio Content plays in-line. 

Yes. There is a process you can follow to only allow specific users, this is detailed in the SumTotal Learning Management Administrator Guide.

No, the SIA in Teams is a site-wide implementation, it will not be limited from domain to domain.  

Not currently. The colours will match the Standard colours in Teams.   

No, currently this is only available on the desktop and browser versions of Teams.  

 If the user does not have access, they will see the standard message they would get on the web, that they are not authorised to view the activity. 

 Yes, the learner would be able to apply signature inside SIA app on MS Teams after completing an activity. Depending on the e-signature configuration, the user would be shown a pop-up like that on web application to provide signature by entering user credentials right after activity completion and click on SUBMIT to submit a signature. The user could verify the successful signature by accessing Training Schedule page on Web application -> Completed Tab -> Signature Status Column against the activity.

Yes, learning activity evaluations would be popped up in teams for completion. Evaluations currently can be accessed from Activity Details page – in case an evaluation is associated to an activity. This will lead the learner to Learning Activity Evaluations page (similar page to that on Web application). All the evaluations pending to be taken by the logged in user would be listed. Learner could click on START against a pending evaluation and the evaluation would be popped-up with in MS Teams for completion. Once completed, the evaluation would be moved from Pending Evaluations view to Completed Evaluations view. The logged in MS Teams user can click on reload option at the top right corner or any tab to continue to use SIA.

Currently  we support Quick Assessment, xAPI enabled Generic Documents and Integration Skillsoft content within the Teams app, all other activities will open in a new browser window or tab.   

All activities launched with teams will redirect the user at the end of the course to the Progress Details Page. If the user for any reason does not have access to this page, they will receive this error.

No, cannot assign activities from SIA for MS Teams App, however, a learner can share the activities in MS Teams.

Admin can configure the Cards of My To-Do in the To Do Configuration page in Web App. The same will be reflected in MS Teams as well.

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