The rapidRoster app is a roster and attendance management app. The web-based solution has a central database back-end accessible from any PC or laptop via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). There is also limited tablet support.

The app creates an electronic roster of the learners attending a live training event. As learners enter the classroom, the learner's badge is scanned or alternatively the instructor can manually record the learner's attendance. rapidRoster validates the learner’s ID and class ID by communicating directly with the SumTotal LMS and then presents the validated information for confirmation. Once verified, rapidRoster communicates with the SumTotal LMS to record that the learner has checked into the class.

The instructor can rescan the learner’s badge to record the completion of the class or can mark the entire class as “Complete” with a single click. rapidRoster validates and communicates the details to the SumTotal LMS.

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Yes, there is no limit to the number of concurrent users.

No, only instructors authenticate to rapidRoster. Learners are checked-in and marked complete by the instructor.

We do not recommend this approach. Sharing the same account across multiple users is an insecure practice. It also spoils user traceability and auditing within the LMS. While it is not recommended or supported it may be possible, depending on how your LMS handles concurrent sessions under the same user account. If your LMS accommodates concurrent sessions for one account, this approach could be viable. However, rapidLD does not support this approach. Any trouble you may encounter in the future will not be considered a product flaw and will not be addressed by our support team.

The potential for solving this depends entirely on how your LMS processes security roles. rapidRoster communicates with the LMS via the suite of APIs provided by the LMS vendor. Most LMS API suites identify each user individually and allow that user to function within the same security roles as if that user were logged into the standard user interface. Unless your LMS allows for configuration of unique roles for the UI and roles for the APIs, rapidRoster is subject to the same security roles as the same user logged into the UI

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